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Fire Science and Engineering 2011;25(6):184-189.
Published online December 31, 2011.
n-Butanol과 n-Decane계의 최소자연발화온도 측정 및 예측
하동명, 홍순강
1세명대학교 보건안전공학과2초당대학교 소방행정학과
Measurement and Prediction of Autoignition Temperature of n-Butanol + n-Decane System
Ha Dong-Myeong, Hong Soo-Kang
본 연구에서는 ASTM E659 장치를 이용하여 가연성 혼합물인 n-butanol + n-decane 계의 발화지연시간과 AIT관계를 측정하였다. 2성분계를 구성하는 순수물질인 n-butanol과 n-decane의 측정된 최소자연발화 온도는 각 각 $340^{circ}C$, $211^{circ}C$였다. 그리고 n-butanol + n-decane계에서 측정된 발화지연시간은 제시된 식에 의한 예측된 발화지연시간과 적은 평균절대오차에서 일치하였다.
This study measured the AITs of n-butanol + n-decane system from ignition delay time (time lag) by using ASTM E659 apparatus. The AITs of n-butanol and n-decane which constituted binary system were $340^{circ}C$ and $212^{circ}C$, respectively. The experimental AITs of n-butanol + n-decane system were a good agreement with the calculated AITs by the proposed equations with a few A.A.D. (average absolute deviation).
Key Words: AITs (Autoignition temperatures), Ignition delay time (time lag), ASTM E659, n-Butanol + n-decane system

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