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Fire Science and Engineering 2011;25(2):120-125.
Published online April 30, 2011.
노말도데칸의 인화점과 최소발화온도 측정에 의한 연소위험성 고찰
세명대학교 보건안전공학과
The Investigation of Combustible Hazard by Measurement of Flash Point and Autoignition Temperature of n-Dodecane
Ha Dong-Myeong
노말도데칸의 안전한 취급을 위해서 25에서 폭발한계를 고찰하였고, 하부인화점과 발화지연시간에 의한 발화온도를 측정하였다. 공정의 안전을 위해서 노말도데칸의 폭발하한계는 0.60Vol.%, 상한계는 4.7Vol.%를 추천하였고, 하부인화점은 밀폐계에서 $77^{circ}C$$80^{circ}C$와 개방식에서 $84{sim}87^{circ}C$로 측정되었다. ASTM E659-78 장치를 사용하여 자연발화온도와 발화지연시간을 측정하였고, 최소자연발화온도는 $222^{circ}C$ 측정되었다.
For the safe handling of n-dodecane, the explosion limits were investigated and the lower flash points and AITs (autoignition temperatures) by ignition delay time were experimented. By using the literatures data, the lower and upper explosion limits of n-dodecanee recommended 0.6 Vol.% and 4.7 Vol.%, respectively. The lower flash points of n-dodecane by using closed-cup tester were experimented $77^{circ}$ and $80^{circ}C$. The lower flash points of n-dodecane by using open cup tester were experimented $84^{circ}C$ and $87^{circ}C$. This study measured relationship between the AITs and the ignition delay times by using ASTM E659-78 apparatus for n-dodecane. The experimental AIT of n-dodecane was $222^{circ}C$.
Key Words: n-dodecane, lower flash point, explosion limit, closed-cuptester, open cup tester, autoignition temperature (AIT)

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