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Fire Science and Engineering 2002;16(2):8-13.
Published online June 30, 2002.
유한요소법을 이용한 IH-JAR의 열확산 예측에 관한 연구
삼척대학교 소방방재공학과
A Study on the Heat-Diffusion Prediction of Induction Heating JAR using Finite Element Method
유도가열 기술은 담금질, 단조를 위한 예열, 용융 그리고 요리 등과 같은 산업 전반에 걸쳐서 아주 폭넓게 사용되는 기술이다. 본 논문에서는 IH-JAR의 효과적인 설계를 위하여 자계 및 열 해석을 하였다. IH-lAR의 내부자계는 3차원 축대칭 유한요소법을 사용하여 해석하였으며, 열원은 IH-JAR 내부에서 유도된 와전류에 의하여 발생되고, 열은 열원과 열방정식을 사용하여 계산되어진다. 또한, IH-JAR의 온도분포를 시간과 투자율에 따라 제시하였다.
Induction heating is widely used in today's industry, in operations such as metal hardening, pre-heating for forging operations, melting or cooking. In this paper, the magneto-thermal analysis of an induction heating jar(IH-JAR) was presented as an efficient design. The magnetic field intensity inside the axisymmetric shaped cooker was analyzed using three-dimensional axisymmetric finite element method(FLUX2D) and the effectual heat source was obtained by ohmic losses from eddy currents induced in the jar. The heat was calculated using the heat source and heating equation. Also, it was presented the temperature characteristics of the IH-JAR according to time and relative permeability in stainless parts and in aluminum parts.
Key Words: Magneto-thermal, Induction Heating, Finite element method, Heat-diffusion prediction, Three-dimensional axisymmetric, IH-JAR

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